Welcome to the NADP

About NADP:

 The NADP is made up of volunteers in many states of the continental US and growing. The majority of our members have backgrounds in the fields of law enforcement, military, and other crypto groups. Most are experienced observers, hunters and possess good tracking experience and ability. NADP members have professional technical knowledge, in handling equipment for evidence collection purposes. Our team is available 24x7x365, and we welcome anyone who is willing to aid us in the hunt.

Currently we have 638 members around the world. - updated 12-17-19

NADP Mission:

 The goal of the NADP is to gather as much information about the creature phenomenon known as the "Dogman'. We seek to unite researchers and investigators in one common goal and that is to organize, network, research, and report. 





Joedy Cook

  •  Retired U.S. Army and Iraq war Veteran.
    He is one of the most active Dogman & Bigfoot researchers in the State of Ohio. Originally, he was a member of the Cincinnati UFO research group A.S.K. but realized that his interests were more in the field of cryptozoology. Joedy has been studying the Dogman & Bigfoot phenomenon since 1991 and is the author of several books;  He founded the North America Dogman Project ,Cryptid Seekers, as well as the Ohio Center for Bigfoot Studies. CO-Producer of the NADP DVD Documentaries : Wisconsin Werewolf, The Germantown Werewolf  and The Beast of Land Between the Lakes.  Joedy has appeared on several television programs, which discuss large primates in North America, including the History Channel’s Monster quest, SyFy Channel’s Sightings & Encounters and The Learning Channel’s Top Ten Mysteries of the World. Destination America's Mysteries and monsters in America Today, Joedy lives in Cincinnati and can be seen giving presentations at paranormal and cryptid conventions across the state and Canada. 


Adam Davis

Coming soon...


David Jones - Tech

  • Born and raised in Michigan
  • U.S.Army Communications Specialist Germany 1983-1989
  • Single father of two grown kids. 
  • Professional IT Analyst since 1991. 
  • Active Paranormal Investigator since 2005. EVP ghost voice specialist with a massive evidence archive on youtube to include a bigfoot encounter. Project Paranormal Investigations.
  • NADP Tech responsible for all things technical in capturing video and audio evidence of Dogman. 
  • Producer, Director, Editor for NADP LBL and Wisconsin Documentaries