LIVE Halloween Podcast!!

 LIVE eyewitness encounters and NADP State Rep updates from the field. 

What is a Dogman?

 Interactive conversation about what a Dogman could be. No one has a body and Science is out the window. All we have are eyewitness accounts. 

NADP Podcast #2

 NADP Podcast #2. Dave and Joedy talk recent sightings, strange animal killings, news, bootcamp, new gear etc! 

NADP podcast #1

 NADP Podcast #1. Our first informative podcast  regarding the terrifying cryptid known as "DOGMAN".  The point of this is to share what we know so far about this horrifying cryptid.  We're just two Army Vets who decided to put a website together and organize researchers across North America. This has pretty much gone viral with 543 researchers all over the planet and growing each day. We're excited to be able to network and share our findings. Stay tuned!